Downloading the game

Please note that the asset files from Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion are required for OpenLoco to work. It can be bought on e.g. Steam or

The latest version of OpenLoco is v24.06.
Release announcement

Windows users

The latest release can be downloaded from GitHub using the link below. Simply unzip the download to your preferred folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\OpenLoco. We recommend putting OpenLoco in a different folder than the the original Locomotion files.

Download OpenLoco v24.06 for Windows
(.zip, 32-bits, Intel x86)

Alternatively, IntelOrca’s OpenLauncher can be used to automatically stay up-to-date with the latest OpenLoco release.

macOS users

As we are still working on reimplementing Locomotion in C++, we can only provide 32-bits builds. For this reason, we cannot provide native builds for macOS. However, the game can be run at full performance using Wine to run the Windows releases. Wine taps into Rosetta, which takes care of translating our Intel builds to Apple Silicon as well.

Linux and BSD

For Linux and BSD distributions, we currently do not provide any builds. CMake may be used to compile builds for your platform. Please refer to the README file on GitHub for details.